Top 5 Wednesday

Over on YouTube, there is a Top 5 Wednesday family, where a large community of people answer different Top 5s each week. It was started by Lainey (gingerreadslainey) and I’ve been watching a number of the videos every Wednesday so I thought I’d give it a shot over here on my blog!

This week the Top 5 is of authors that you haven’t read before and are embarrassed about. While there are a lot of works of fiction I’m embarrassed I haven’t read, I’m not particularly embarrassed about specific authors, but here’s my list!

5. Patrick Ness

I have heard a lot of really fantastic things about Patrick Ness and his novels but I haven’t gotten around to reading anything by him yet! I currently have More Than This sitting in my TBR pile so I’m hoping to get around to reading it within the next few months.

4. Kurt Vonnegut

Vonnegut has been an author on my ‘To Read’ list for years. I’ve been trying to read more classic American and Canadian authors, so I purchased Slaughterhouse Five in September on whim. I picked it up, read a few chapters and put it back down. Not because it wasn’t good but because it just wasn’t the right time to try and dive into Vonnegut. I was in the middle of midterms and spending most of my time with my head buried in textbooks, so I transitioned into a lighter read that could be a break from all the thinking I was doing. I’m definitely going to try and pick it up again this summer!

3. Jeffrey Eugenides 

I actually just ordered The Virgin Suicides online, so hopefully it will be waiting for me when I go home for my reading break and I can officially read Eugenides! I’ve wanted to read The Virgin Suicides for such a long time, and last semester my creative writing TA whole heartedly recommended Middlesex to me so that will be the next Eugenides book I pick up.

2. John Steinbeck 

My mom loves Steinbeck. We have multiple copies of The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden and Of Mice and Men kicking around our house, and she has been trying to get me to read something by him for ages. I tried to read East of Eden for the first time when I was about fourteen, and I think that was definitely too young. I didn’t understand the prose (although I could appreciate that the writing was beautiful) and the themes went straight over my head at that age. Hoping to give it a try again sometime in 2014.

1. JRR Tolkien

This is probably the only one that I’m truly embarrassed about. Not only have I never read anything by Tolkien but I’ve also never seen any of the movies. I own the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy as of December, but haven’t really been in the mood to pick it up as of yet. This will probably be a summer read for me, when my mind’s not so bogged down with school work. I don’t want to break my “read the book before watching the movie” rule but I’ve had multiple people recommend watching the movies before attempting the books so that I’m more familiar with the characters and more invested in their stories. I can’t decide!

Comment below and tell me what your Top 5 Unread Authors are!

Happy reading 🙂


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