Top 16 Kisses on Television

In honour of Valentine’s day, I thought I’d compile a list of my 15 favourite kisses from television, because who needs a significant other when you can live vicariously through the love lives of fictional characters!


16. Nick/Jess
Show: New Girl
Episode: Cooler (2×15)

The amount of chemistry that these two had from the very first episode culminated after a heated game of True American (as all good kisses should). Nick finally got his s**t together and acted on his feelings for Jess, and left the entire audience feeling warm and fuzzy.


15. Eric/Tami
Show: Friday Night Lights
Episode: Every single episode.

No list of “Best Kisses” would be complete without Coach and Mrs. Taylor. Never in the history of television has there been a more realistic portrayal of marriage. Tami and Eric fought and loved with so much passion, and were just generally their amazing selves, both as individuals and as a couple. Every time they kissed, you could see how much they love each other, no matter the ups and downs they were going through.


14. Ross/Rachel
Show: Friends
Episode: The One Where Ross Finds Out (2×07)

Of course, the iconic Ross and Rachel kiss had to be on this list. Not much to say about it, other than it really did the couple justice. You know you cried/cheered when Rachel looked up to see Ross still at the door.


13. Will/Alicia
Show: The Good Wife
Episode: Closing Arguments (2×23)

The amount of chemistry that exudes Juliana Margulies and Josh Charles when ever they share a scene is so palpable that it had me rooting for Will and Alicia from the very beginning.


12. Ian/Mickey
Show: Shameless
Episode: The Sins of My Caretaker (3×05)

The fact that Mickey initiated this kiss, after Ian told him that the reason he was still with Ned was that “he [wasn’t] afraid to kiss [him]” is the reason I breathe. It showed that Mickey no longer though of Ian as “just a warm mouth” but as someone that he cared about and wanted to see happy.


11. Sam/Andy
Show: Rookie Blue
Episode: A Little Faith (2×11)

Sam and Andy became the “will they, won’t they” couple from the moment she took him down in the pilot. The combination of this intimate moment and Ashes by Andy Brown playing in the background had me in tears.


10. Don/Sloan
Show: The Newsroom
Episode: Election Night Part 2 (2×09)

Not only was the two-parter finale of the second season absolutely fantastic, but it culminated in a much-anticipated (at least on my end) kiss between Don Keefer and Sloan Sabbith.


9. Josh/Donna
Show: The West Wing
Episode: The Cold (7×13)

A kiss seven seasons in the making. Never has there ever been a more effective slow-build to a relationship. Years of watching their banter and their friendships, and seeing how much they love and care for each other finally paid off in one hell of a kiss.


8. Jim/Pam
Show: The Office
Episode: Job Fair (4×17)

I know most people cite Jim and Pam’s first kiss in ‘Casino Night’ as their favourite, but this one right here is when I know that they were made for each other. The way Jim says, “You know what? Screw it” before kissing her again is my absolute favourite.


7. Sawyer/Kate
Show: LOST
Episode: Confidence Man (1×08)

This is probably the hottest kiss that has ever been on network television. The close shot just amplifies it that much more. Yes, the kiss may have resulted from manipulation, but it began the Sawyer and Kate saga that broke my heart a dozen times.


6. Danny/Mindy
Show: The Mindy Project
Episode: The Desert (2×14)

My DVR is still worn out from how many times I rewound and rewatched the last sixty seconds of this episode. I’ll just be here, staring at my calendar until April 1st.


5. Seth/Summer
Show: The OC
Episode: The Rainy Day Women (2×14)

This kiss is iconic. Not only does it perfectly suit Seth, but it meant the reunion of my favourite OC couple. Zach, who?


4. Pacey/Joey
Show: Dawson’s Creek
Episode: Cinderella Story (3×17)

No matter what the show, and the execs tried to tell us, Pacey and Joey were the real love story of Dawson’s Creek.

nathan&haley2.jpg  nathan&haley.jpg

3. Nathan/Haley (Tie)
Show: One Tree Hill
Episode: The Search for Something More (1×08) // One Tree Hill (9×13)

I tried, I really did, to pick just one. In the end I decided to stay with the tie because it highlights the thing I love most about Nathan and Haley’s relationship and marriage. They went through so many ups and downs and defeated every single odd that stood in their way, and managed to come out on the other side, still as in love as they were at the beginning. Their first kiss and their last kiss, equally passionate, and both giving us hope that true love does exist.


2. Luke/Lorelai
Show: Gilmore Girls
Episode: Raincoats and Recipes (4×22)

Yet another fantastic example of the slow-build (which I am a total sucker for). Luke and Lorelai spend four seasons dancing around each other, denying their connection and their attraction until Luke finally realizes and goes for it. These two have been one of my favourite television couples of all time since I started watched the show with my mom back in 2001.


1. Logan/Veronica
Show: Veronica Mars
Episode: Weapons of Class Destruction (1×18) 

I don’t think it’s any surprise that this is number one. Especially with the release of the Veronica Mars movie just around the corner (March 14th, 2014!!! And yes, I contributed to the Kickstarter campaign thank you very much), these two have been on my mind a lot. This kiss marked the transition from bickering ex-friends to something so much more. It was a pleasure to watch their relationship grow and develop and this first kiss will forever be my number one kiss of all time.


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