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A Love Letter to Veronica Mars

The day the Kickstarter campaign for the Veronica Mars movie passed their goal of two million dollars, I sat down to watch the reaction videos from the cast and cried. Real tears. When it closed, $3,702,152 over the goal, I was ecstatic. I cried again watching the trailer, because it was proof that we’d really done it. The fans of a show which had been off the air for seven years just looked Warner Brothers – who shot down the movie multiple times because they believed it wouldn’t have enough support – square in the eyes and said “Screw you.” We made them pay attention to the little cult show and their fandom. We made the world pay attention.

[And yes, I can use ‘we’ in this situation because you bet your ass I contributed to the Kickstarter]

Veronica Mars gave audiences a heroine to be proud of. Where media and network television was (and still is, to some degree) populated with females whose storylines revolve around a love interest, Veronica was intelligent as hell, witty, beautiful, independent and a total badass. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, and she remained steadfast in who she was and what she believed, no matter what she went through. She was someone to look up to.

The relationship between Veronica and her father, Keith, remained one of my favourite aspects about the show throughout it’s three season run. They had unconditional love, trust, an overabundance of intelligence between the two of them, and an unbreakable bond. They were fiercely protective of each other and were friends, as well as father and daughter.

Watching a platonic friendship between a female character and a male character develop was also an extremely refreshing phenomenon. Wallace and Veronica’s friendship and bond was never undercut by “sexual tension” or an attempt at a relationship. The relationships or love interests of both Wallace and Veronica flitted in and out of the picture, but no matter what, they were loyal to each other, they cared and protected and loved each other.

This show had everything – amazingly smart and witty writing, fantastic acting, incredibly music selection, well-written and realistic relationships and friendships and palpable chemistry between the actors. The only thing it didn’t have was closure. The CW robbed it of a fitting ending, and as a byproduct, robbed fans of a series finale that tied everything up. Instead, what we were left with was twelve minutes of a hypothetical season four and a whole lot of unresolved questions.

I’m not going to lie, my expectations for this movie are high. I love this series, it means more to me than I can possibly explain. The characters and their stories profoundly impacted me [yes, I realize that sounds ridiculous and cheesy, but it’s true]. But despite my high expectations, I have faith in Rob Thomas, I have faith in the cast – they all worked their asses off to get this movie made, and they never gave up on it, despite multiple setbacks. I trust that they’ve made a movie they feel is true to the series.

I’ll be in line at my local theatre on March 14th for the premiere, marshmellows in hand, ready to re-enter and re-experience the world of Neptune and Veronica Mars.

But let’s be serious, I would happily watch two hours of Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Ryan Hansen, Tina Majorino, Percy Daggs III and the rest of the cast sitting in a warehouse, staring at each other.

Suits 3B Wish List

The back half of Suits season 3 begins tonight, and since I had a whole host of problems with the first half, I thought I’d preempt the midseason premiere by creating a list of hopes and wishes I have for 3B.

1. ‘Case of the Week’ structure

This is by far the part of the first half of season 3 that I found to be the weakest. I understood the reasoning for having an over-arching story, but I found myself unbelievably bored every week. The case of the week style of writing that the show had in the first two seasons was fast-paced, it was interesting and it was well-executed. If they do decide to use one plot for the last six episode, please, for the love of all things holy pick something interesting.

2. Give Rachel her own storyline

I love Rachel. She’s intelligent and caring and beautiful and strong. But she has yet to have a storyline all to herself that does NOT involve Mike. It reduces her to a ‘girlfriend’ and doesn’t acknowledge her as the strong female character she is. Give us more episodes with her teaming up with Louis or Jessica to kick ass on a case. Show us how she’s flourishing and kicking ass at Columbia. She deserves so much more than to have everything she does revolve around Mike Ross.

3. Let Mike be less of a tool 

I love Mike, he was my second favourite character [after Harvey, of course] from the very first episode, but in the first half of season 3, they were writing him like a complete douchebag. I’m understand that it was to demonstrate that Mike isn’t that little puppy that Harvey had to train anymore but that can be accomplished without him acting like a dick.

4. Give it a rest with the Harvey/Donna ‘will they, won’t they’ 

I’m in the minority here. I get that. Suits is one of the rare shows where I do not like the two main romantic pairings, but I would love for the two of them to just have a platonic, banter-y friendship.

5. Less Katrina

Unless they can make her suddenly compelling and give her a purpose, the less Katrina on the screen, the better. She felt like a useless character when she was introduced, and save for some pretty great banter between her and Mike, she has lived down to my expectations.

6. More Louis

This is pretty self-explanatory. We always need more Louis. Just always have Louis on screen, being awesome. Oh, and give him a cat.

7. Bring back Trevor Evans

The only episode I truly enjoyed in the first half of the season was the flashback episode because the dynamic between Mike and Trevor has been one of my favourite things since the beginning. I want to know more about him, about their history. Trevor was such an interesting adversary for Mike because of their history. I want more of that.

And finally…

8. Mike and Harvey 

This is the best thing this show has going for it. Their chemistry, their banter and their teamwork is the most compelling thing about the show and what made me fall in love with it in the first place. Now that we’ve gotten the angry tension between them from the beginning of the season over with, it’s time for them to return to the awesome, movie-quoting, banter-y duo that we’ve loved from the beginning.

Let me know if you disagree with any of my points or if there is anything else you’re wishing for in the back half of the season!

Top 5 Wednesday

Over on YouTube, there is a Top 5 Wednesday family, where a large community of people answer different Top 5s each week. It was started by Lainey (gingerreadslainey) and I’ve been watching a number of the videos every Wednesday so I thought I’d participate over here on my blog!

This week’s Top 5 is Friendships!

I’ve decided that any time there’s a good crossover Top5W topic, I’m going to answer it for books as well as television shows! This is one of them 🙂


5. Beth & Jennifer 

The fact that, as readers, we witnessed their friendship entirely through text made me love their friendship even more. We didn’t read descriptions of body language or physical comfort, we saw how supportive they were of each other through their emails and their witty banter. They alluded to time spent together in the real world but the reader instead experienced their relationship through stories and direct communication between the characters. I absolutely loved that.

4. Gemma, Felicity, Pippa and Ann
[Gemma Doyle trilogy]

It’s been a long time since I’ve read this trilogy but I remember falling in love with the characters and the fact that there were four strong, intelligent women who supported each other and worked together. They argued and engaged in petty gossip but they were there for each other when it was important.

3. The March Sisters 
[Little Women]

There’s not much I can say about the March sisters without tearing up. Jo, Beth, Meg and Amy’s relationship greatly affected me and how I view my relationship with my own sibling and family. Little Women is such an important story about the unconditional love of family, and this is exemplified through the love of the four sisters.

2. Harry/Ron/Hermione
[Harry Potter series]

The dream team. They had their issues throughout the series [minus Hermione because she has her shit together, thank you very much] but they remained incredibly close friends and worked together through everything they faced.

1. Bree/Lena/Tibby/Carmen
[Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants]

As you can probably tell from this list, I am a sucker for strong female characters being awesome and taking care of each other, and these four are by far my favourite. They have each gone through hardships, but no matter the distance, they stuck together and helped each other through it.


5. Ted/Robin/Lily/Marshall/Barney 
[How I Met Your Mother]

These five actually ended up surpassing the Friends crew for me. The dynamics between them are so fantastic and loving. They joke and poke fun at each other but there is so much love in their relationships.

4. Seth/Ryan
[The OC]

A dorky comic book geek and a broody bad-boy from Chino. From the very first episode, their friendship was my favourite part of the show. Seth, a kid who had never had a friend before, suddenly had a protector and a brother. Ryan, a kid from the wrong side of the tracks who punched first, asked questions later, suddenly had someone other than himself to look out for, someone to make him softer. They made each other better.

3. Haley/Brooke/Peyton
[One Tree Hill]

The trend of awesome ladies looking out for each other continues! This friendship is one that I love equally as a trio and as three different pairs. The three of them went through some harrowing things throughout the nine seasons and they were always supportive of each other and there to defend and comfort in times of need [with the exception of a certain character’s exit and some incredibly terrible writing in the later seasons].

2. Veronica/Wallace
[Veronica Mars]

These two would be on my list solely for ‘A Trip to the Dentist’ but their banter and friendship was so refreshing. Not only were they both incredibly intelligent and caring towards each other but it one of the first purely platonic male/female friendship that I had ever seen on TV. I respect Rob Thomas so much for keeping their friendship strictly platonic because they just loved each other with all their hearts and could rely on each other for anything, without it being muddled by sexual tension.

1. Meredith/Alex/George/Izzie/Cristina
[Grey’s Anatomy]

This friendship is number one, partly because I’m trying to hold on to the first five seasons, but because the five of them went through the trenches together. They survived their internship, residency, multiple major disasters, pregnancies, fights, breakups and millions of other situations. Their relationships were often volatile, but they banded together and supported each other when it really mattered.