Suits 3B Wish List

The back half of Suits season 3 begins tonight, and since I had a whole host of problems with the first half, I thought I’d preempt the midseason premiere by creating a list of hopes and wishes I have for 3B.

1. ‘Case of the Week’ structure

This is by far the part of the first half of season 3 that I found to be the weakest. I understood the reasoning for having an over-arching story, but I found myself unbelievably bored every week. The case of the week style of writing that the show had in the first two seasons was fast-paced, it was interesting and it was well-executed. If they do decide to use one plot for the last six episode, please, for the love of all things holy pick something interesting.

2. Give Rachel her own storyline

I love Rachel. She’s intelligent and caring and beautiful and strong. But she has yet to have a storyline all to herself that does NOT involve Mike. It reduces her to a ‘girlfriend’ and doesn’t acknowledge her as the strong female character she is. Give us more episodes with her teaming up with Louis or Jessica to kick ass on a case. Show us how she’s flourishing and kicking ass at Columbia. She deserves so much more than to have everything she does revolve around Mike Ross.

3. Let Mike be less of a tool 

I love Mike, he was my second favourite character [after Harvey, of course] from the very first episode, but in the first half of season 3, they were writing him like a complete douchebag. I’m understand that it was to demonstrate that Mike isn’t that little puppy that Harvey had to train anymore but that can be accomplished without him acting like a dick.

4. Give it a rest with the Harvey/Donna ‘will they, won’t they’ 

I’m in the minority here. I get that. Suits is one of the rare shows where I do not like the two main romantic pairings, but I would love for the two of them to just have a platonic, banter-y friendship.

5. Less Katrina

Unless they can make her suddenly compelling and give her a purpose, the less Katrina on the screen, the better. She felt like a useless character when she was introduced, and save for some pretty great banter between her and Mike, she has lived down to my expectations.

6. More Louis

This is pretty self-explanatory. We always need more Louis. Just always have Louis on screen, being awesome. Oh, and give him a cat.

7. Bring back Trevor Evans

The only episode I truly enjoyed in the first half of the season was the flashback episode because the dynamic between Mike and Trevor has been one of my favourite things since the beginning. I want to know more about him, about their history. Trevor was such an interesting adversary for Mike because of their history. I want more of that.

And finally…

8. Mike and Harvey 

This is the best thing this show has going for it. Their chemistry, their banter and their teamwork is the most compelling thing about the show and what made me fall in love with it in the first place. Now that we’ve gotten the angry tension between them from the beginning of the season over with, it’s time for them to return to the awesome, movie-quoting, banter-y duo that we’ve loved from the beginning.

Let me know if you disagree with any of my points or if there is anything else you’re wishing for in the back half of the season!


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