Here are my first impressions of NBC’s fall slate of new shows!

These are the shows I’ll be checking out in the 2014 – 2015 TV Season: 

A to Z
Thursdays at 9:30pm

  • SYNOPSIS: This comedy follows a couple – Andrew and Zelda – as they meet (thanks to an online dating site) and over the course of their relationship.
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS: This show seems like everything I wanted from How I Met Your Mother, and the fact that Cristin Milioti is a part of it makes me infinitely happy. Unsure how far the premise can be stretched, but I’m willing to go along for the ride.
  • Trailer [x]

Bad Judge
Thursdays at 9pm

  • SYNOPSIS: Rebecca Wright is a wild child who also happens to be one of L.A.’s toughest and most respected criminal court judges. But her world changes when she meets an 8-year-old boy — whose parents she put behind bars — who needs her help [x].
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I would watch anything that Kate Walsh was a part of, but I do wish she was returning to Grey’s Anatomy instead, because that might actually entice me to catch up.
  • Trailer [x]

State of Affairs
Mondays at 10pm

  • SYNOPSIS: This show chronicles the personal and professional life of Charleston Tucker, a CIA analyst who assembles the Daily Briefing for the president. The briefing is a list of the most crucial security issues that face the country. Charlie and the president also have a personal relationship, as Charlie was engaged to the president’s son, who was killed in a terrorist attack.
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I’m not going to lie, I still blame Katherine Heigl for the demise of the beautiful character of Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy, and it feels weird for her to be back on television. Not to mention the fact that this show seems very similar to CBS’s ‘Madam Secretary’, whose trailer I enjoyed immensely more than this one. I’ll watch the pilot, after that I’m not sure.
  • Trailer [x]

Marry Me
Tuesdays at 9pm

  • SYNOPSIS: Annie and Jake have been dating for six years and after returning from a romantic two-week island vacation, Jake plans on proposing. Before he has the chance, Annie launches into a tirade about his inability to commit. They agree to hold off on the engagement until they can do it right.
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS: While the trailer didn’t completely convince me of its humour, it does seem like it has the potential to be sweet and funny.  I’m willing to give it a shot.
  • Trailer [x]

These are the shows I’ll be passing on:

The Mysteries of Laura (Wednesdays at 8pm), Constantine (Fridays at 10pm)

These shows do not yet have trailers and I am, therefore, unable to make an judgments on them: 

  • A.D.
  • Allegiance
  • Aquarius
  • Emerald City
  • Heroes Reborn
  • Odyssey
  • Mission Control
  • Mr. Robinson
  • One Big Happy
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt



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