Summer Viewing

Summer is, of course, the perfect time to catch up on shows or to make time to watch those that you’ve been meaning to watch through the year. Now that it’s June and I’m settled into my two jobs and my lack of school, I finally have time to catch up on the shows I fell behind in during the school year, watch those that I’ve be meaning to for a long time, and rewatching some of my favourite shows, either in preparation for the new season or to reminisce shows that have long been cancelled.

Without further ado, here are the shows I plan to watch this summer!



This is a mandate from my sister. I have introduced her to so many shows, including Supernatural and Suits, that she felt the need to repay me by making me sit down and watch a show that she loves. I am currently eight episodes through the first season, and am thoroughly impressed by all the fight scenes and the stunts, and I love Stephen Amell – both him as a person and as Oliver Queen. Not sure I’m in love with (the majority of) the acting, but I am definitely enjoying it so far!

Parks and Recreation

This is a show that has been on my ‘To Watch’ list for a very, very long time. I’ve admired Amy Poehler since her SNL days, and the show is created by writers from The Office, and the same people who created Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which was my favourite new comedy of the 2013-2014 schedule)! I’m ten episodes into the second season and loving it so far. Leslie Knope is a beautiful, beautiful character and the ensemble is fantastic.

Sports Night

I went on an Aaron Sorkin trip this past year after falling in love with The Newsroom. I marathoned all seven seasons of The West Wing when I had time between studying and attempted to start watching Sports Night as well (plus, I needed a Josh Charles fix after the nightmare of The Good Wife; RIP Will Gardner) but was derailed by term papers and finals. I took a break in April after finishing the first seven episodes of the first season. It was definitely different to hear Sorkin dialogue in a comedic context, but I enjoyed the episodes I watched immensely and am looking forward to completing the series

My Mad Fat Diary

I don’t know much about this show, but what I’ve heard from people who watch it is nothing but praise.



I honestly have no inclination to catch up on Supernatural. It was my favourite show for eight years, but this year completely lost me. It felt dishonest and sloppy and the quality has massively decreased – in the writing, the directing, and even the acting (although not from Jared or Jensen). I’ve followed along through reading reviews, but I’m not sure I’ll be catching up anytime soon – or ever – but it’s going on the list just in case I end up being motivated.

Grey’s Anatomy

My relationship with this show has been a love-hate one since the beginning of it’s sixth season. It’s natural that a show this far along would have some decrease in quality, as Supernatural is also currently suffering from, but it has started to feel disingenuous. I am of the opinion that it should have been cancelled seasons ago, but I seem to be unable to fully cut the cord. However, now that Sandra Oh has left – I want to catch up to watch her exit, but other than that, I think I may be done once I’ve caught up to the end of season 10.

** I will absolutely be posting separate blog posts about the decline of both Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy sometime soon.


I still love this show so incredibly much, but it is clearly emotionally draining to watch and I fell behind in season 4 – during the Kristina cancer storyline. It is bittersweet that the show was renewed for a final season, but I am mostly just thrilled that the writers have a chance to wrap up the story in a complete and honest way. I definitely am going to catch up by September!

Orphan Black

I was late to the Orphan Black and Tatiana Maslany party, but when I finally watched the first season, I was blown away by both. When the second season premiered, I was in the middle of finals, so I made the decision to wait until the entire season has aired before I begin to watch it. I have some problems with binge-watching but I’m excited to be able to catch up on the series!

Orange Is The New Black

The second season of OITNB was just released last night at midnight, and I cannot wait to watch. I read Piper Chapman’s memoir before I watched the first season, and loved both of them as separate entities. Even though the show is based off the memoir and on Chapman’s life, they are not closely following it – the main character’s last name has even been changed – but they are both excellent works of art in their own rights. Orange Is The New Black is also a revelation in the female talent and creative forces that are behind it and it is so important.



This is the next show that I plan to introduce my sister to. It is complicated and well-written and acted well, and I miss it. I was one of those viewers in the camp of disliking the series finale (and most of the final season), but that hasn’t tarnished my view of the rest of the series. The characters still hold a special place in my heart and I’m excited to dive back into that universe.

The Good Wife

The past season of The Good Wife was so unbelievable that the moment the finale ended, I was ready to dive back in and re-watch the pilot and continue with the series again. On the heels of such an incredible 22 episodes of television, I look forward to seeing if it defeats the Season 6 slump that so many shows suffer from.

The Newsroom

I am still extremely disappointed that this show is going into its final season, and I don’t understand why Sorkin made the decision, but I respect it and I am looking forward to see how he chooses to wrap it up in the last six episodes (I’m also still angry that the last season is only going to be six episodes, but c’est la vie). As the first season is only 10 episodes and the second season is only 9 episodes, it’s a very quick re-watch process and I’ve done it more times than I’m willing to admit – but I still want to get through the first two seasons one more time before the third, and final, season begins.


As the fourth season begins in five days, I definitely won’t be able to get through the series before the premiere, but I want to settle back into the easy banter and camaraderie and the fresh-facedness of the first two seasons. I was not impressed with the first 10 episodes of the third season – honestly, I was mostly just bored and un-captivated by the overarching plot line – but it was completely redeemed with me in the back half of the season, and I am very excited for the new dynamics and situations that will occur in the fourth season.

7th Heaven

There is something so inherently comforting to me about television shows (especially ones that involve families) from the 1990’s and 2000’s, and 7th Heaven was one of my favourites growing up, so re-watching it has been entirely a nostalgic venture. It is sappy and cheesy and ridiculous and preachy at many moments, but it is also heartwarming and its characters can be flawed and frustrating, but they are also incredibly compassionate.


I became unbelievably obsessed with this show this season and I am looking forward to sharing it with my sister. This last, fourth season was much more dark than the previous three had been, but I think I enjoyed it even more because of that. They are doing incredible things with the writing and the gritty subject matter.



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